Saturday, July 16, 2016

It's Time for a Change: Follow-up Part 3

I am very lucky to work at a school campus that feels like family. One where I can ask almost any teacher for help and they will willingly agree, no questions asked...well, very few questions asked. We have such a talented art teacher who is willing to go out on limbs with me when it comes to collaboration and making spaces feel fun and inviting for students.

Outdated, boring, primary-looking wall

When I asked her to help me paint, she agreed. When she saw the designs I wanted, she seemed skeptical, but cheerfully when to Home Depot to look at paint swatches with me. When I choose colors, brushes, and grabbed a gallon of primer, she pushed the cart through the store.

No more animals. Framed future word collage.

So, this is the part where dreams become reality. No turning back. The paint hit the wall, and it was done! We had several moments of doubt.

  • Are you sure you had permission to paint?
  • Is this really what you want?
  • Are you SURE?
  • Do you think Mrs. Allen (the principal) is going to freak out?
  • Like seriously, she said it was ok to paint?*
Day one of painting was spent mainly priming the walls and making sure the book shelves were completely covered. We decided to add some color to the space behind the TV. It's on the opposite wall, and it adds a lot of color to the room and really ties everything together. 

Prep & primer

Day two, we were able to get the media lab wall and main library wall started. My daughter loves to paint and helped me work in the media lab while the fabulous Kate tackled the main library wall.

Day two painting

On the third day, we finished out the main wall and did some touch-up work around the edges. It turned out amazing, and we all love it. Kate informed me part of the way through today that she had never done a wall mural before. This was her first one. None of the teachers or students have seen it, so I'm *patiently* waiting to hear their opinions. 

In the words of Stevie Wonder...Isn't she lovely? Isn't she beautiful? Isn't she precious? We still have to tackle the framed word collage and vinyl lettering above the bookshelves. Computers are in the lab...but not wired, yet. Denise will be working on that next week while I'm in PD sessions and at the ArASL Conference. I can't wait to see everything completed and kiddos enjoying hanging out in the Library Media Center!

*Painting the walls is prohibited in our district without permission!*

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