Friday, July 8, 2016

It's Time for a Change: Follow-up Part 2

Have you ever watched H&G TV shows like The Property Brothers? Ya know how they kick people out mid-remodel telling them that owners often get stressed during the remodel because everything looks so not-finished. The owners freak out at how un-done everything actually looks. I grew up in a family of men who did some type of home remodel/construction work. I'm used to the not-done look....on other people's property. Apparently, on my own property, I'll freak out and have a mini panic attack.

I went to the Media Center earlier this week to check on the progress. I'd been gone to Colorado for a week, so in my mind things should be almost finished and ready for me to start painting. Here's where the mini panic attack comes.

Missing ceiling tiles.
Furniture not removed.

I have very faith and all confidence in our maintenance department. Our awesome Media Center will be done soon!

Next up: Kate and I start painting walls next week! I've pinned some ideas of what I'm hoping to accomplish. I am by no means an artist, but luckily I have the best art teacher in the world willing to help! More updates soon!

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