Friday, August 21, 2015

First Week Jitters

The first week of school is always full of stress, tiredness, and fit-throwing...even for the students. One of my most favorite things about starting back to school are the comments I hear from students. Here's a little snippet of what has taken place this week in the library...

Student: You have a LOT of hair! I mean it's pretty, but there sure is a bunch of it.
**I was bending over speaking to a student in line about behavior and my hair apparently fell over the student's face who was standing in front of us.**

Student: Olaf is here! Olaf is here! Can he come down? How did he get up there? Where is Ana and Elsa? Why is Olaf in the library? Can he read?
**I have a fairly large stuffed Olaf on top of a book shelf.**

Girls: (giggling) Miss Ashley you're being extra funny today. You're always funny, but are you ok?

Almost every student: Her makeup is so bad!

Student: Love this one! I hate paper soup.
Other student: Yeah...I did that last year. Except it was Kool Aide. Those pages were super colorful.

I've been so happy to see all of our students and new kinder kids! I cannot wait to get our lessons started for the year. Fifth and 6th grade students also watched book care videos about mixing food with books and keeping books safe from the weather. Check them out below. Happy reading, everyone!