Friday, March 30, 2018

Writing Rules with Ragweed's Farm Dog Handbook

A big part of our instructional strategy is to incorporate tech F.U.N. into our lessons.

Each year, with our Arkansas Diamond nominees, we plan lessons that incorporate Tech F.U.N. for our students. The lessons are scaffolded for our K-3 students.


With Ragweed's Farm Dog Handbook, we focused on creation with Google Draw. Google Draw is awesome for creative lessons because students can add images, text art, and clip art to create a poster. In the book, Ragweed repeats the same idea to the new dog....

You will want to _______, but don't do it. That's not your job. If you do, ______.

Image result for ragweed's farm dog handbook

Third grade students created a poster that illustrated a rule at school that they wished they didn't have. They had to tell what would happen if they actually broke the rule.

Some of the students got so creative. And, some wrote some very hilarious rules.

I can totally relate to this! Sometimes I really, really want to put a beanbag underneath my desk and take a nap.

This rule cracked me up! 

This tech F.U.N. lesson focused on inserting word art and inserting an image using the search feature within Google Apps. I love that that *generally* keeps the images fairly PG and school-appropriate. If students could not find an image to use for their rule, they were allowed to use ImageQuest from Britannica. With a purchased subscription, ImageQuest provides rights free images.

What would your rule be? Would it be worth sneaking while the principal was away?

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