Friday, July 28, 2017

Charlie May Simon Nominees 2017-2018

I usually put this off until the start of the school year, but I wanted to allow time for students (or teacher-librarian friends) to create book trailers.

Each year, I create a presentation for the Charlie May Simon books. In the presentation, I include some information about who Charlie May Simon was and how to vote. The presentation also includes each book cover, blurb, and a book trailer if it's available. The books without a trailer have a note under the cover image.

I give students the opportunity to create a trailer for those books. This is typically a presentation we do within the first couple of weeks. We post the presentation in Google Classroom and have students work through it independently. I also create a YouTube playlist for the book trailers that students can access any time.

Feel free to use the presentation (with credit to the author, of course) or the playlist!

YouTube CMS Playlist
Charlie May Simon Google Slides

Don't forget about the Lesson Plan Format post to help get you started for the school year!


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