Monday, April 11, 2016

I Guest Lectured a College Course....and Survived!

We all have our fortes in teaching. Some school library media specialists are fantastic story-tellers. Some are great at teaching research skills. Some are great at giving book talks and encouraging students to step out of their comfort reading zone (this is me). Some are great at teaching the tiny humans in kindergarten and first grade (not particularly me). Some are great with the sarcastic, somewhat strange middle school aged children (this is me).

A colleague of mine teaches an Intro to Education class at the University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville (UACCB). One of her lecture periods was intended to be for "Grouping Strategies and Technology in the classroom". She asked if I would be interested in guest lecturing since I am a Library MEDIA Specialist. I agreed, all the while questioning my decision. Why in the world would these new teacher candidates want to hear ME speak about technology in the classroom and grouping strategies? It's a good thing I'd just attended the AAIM Conference!!!

I survived lecturing for over an hour on different websites that teachers can utilize for grouping, creating random name generators, and creating seating charts. I also included some really cool web tools that are just plain fun to utilize in the classroom.

Check out my presentation below.

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