Monday, February 15, 2016

Read Aloud with Arkansas Diamond

Each year, our kindergartners through third graders read books that have been nominated for the Arkansas Diamond Children's Book Award. It is inevitable that some students will miss hearing one or more of the books if they are absent. This year, I decided to create a playlist of the books so that students can go back and listen to those stories that they miss. This has also been helpful for students needing to reread a book before taking the AR quiz.

Our students are proficient at navigating to our school's website, particularly the Computer Lab and Media Center pages. We utilize that virtual space often to host our lessons and utilize our online subscriptions.

I've been adding books to the playlist as we read them in the library, computer lab, or art class! I'm happy to work in such a collaborative teaching community that assists me with the reading and voting process of the Arkansas Diamond Award.

I have been able to find some read alouds on YouTube; however, some have not been available, so I have created a video for those. My new document camera records (yay for new technology)!

You can also find the presentation for the Charlie May Simon nominees, as well as, my favorite books and other trailers by clicking on the link embedded in the above picture!

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