Thursday, September 3, 2015

It's Time for a Change

When I inherited my library, there were many great decorations and paintings. However, I felt that the "Animal Wall" needed an update. I've been so excited to search for new wall decor, paintings, and art. Our new art teacher has been fantastic and has agreed to help me repaint the wall.

Our school is a Music & Performance Magnet, incorporating dance, piano and string music classes, drama, and a select choir. I pursued Pinterest for ideas and have found what I think will be the perfect incorporation of literacy, library, and the arts!

The caption for the wall will say "Reading. It's in everything you do."

Now for a painting party and deciding what colors to use! Oh, the choices!!!

I'm excited to update the wall and add a few new artistic and literary pieces to our library. This framed art space will become home to a literacy word cloud. I'm hoping that our Tech Club can create some samples for me to use for the word cloud.

I'm off to Pinterest to find more inspiration. Follow my board...or me for library inspiration, lessons, & technology ideas!

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